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Bulgarian woman
Hello Bulgarian ladies, I registered in Velida because accidentally I was on a party in my city Annapolis, MD where the housewife was a Bulgarian. Marina was great funny woman, very intelligent. She works with her husband in the same company where I work. I learned a lot from her about Bulgarian cuisine and Bulgarian history. I hope to find here an equally charming, intelligent woman for my wife with who to create a family and have children. I am 48 years old and it's time to think seriously about this. Here in America things are different, people are reluctant to start a family if not sufficient conditions for this. I had an unhappy marriage with a woman who don`t wanted to have children. She loved herself more than others and I needed time to accept this fact and to break up with her. I plan a trip to Bulgaria in February and will want to see your mountains in winter. Marina is from Kotel, so at her request and invitation I will visit her family there.
And this video is something very funny for people who do not know Bulgarian humor :)
Hi Mark,
My name is Radina and I saw your profile searching by age and country :). I sent a letter in your account because I know that this is just a page for comments. I would be glad if you look at my profile and writing me, too. I`d like to keep your home comfortable and welcome your friends, there. I love to cook Bulgarian cuisine as well as Italian, Thai and Arabic food. I`ve done very good advertisment of myself :) I will be happy to continue communication with you with personal messages. And since I see that you are interested in Bulgaria this is a link to a Bulgarian love movie...
Hello Velida Agency,
You have a very good idea to post comments. I guess you somehow selected them for a reason. I thought to write a comment about your customer, who tried to ask me money with the idea that sudden health problem is heavy with his son, but after your notice of such fake people I immediately wrote him that I would report him back to you. After several hours his account was already lacking in your page. Regards to all members of Velida with a nice Bulgarian song and hope someone notice my profile, too.
My name is Katya and I'm from Plovdiv ID: 14567
Hi Mark,
My name is Maria and I wrote in your profile account but never got a response. Actually I'm not the right person for you because I have 2 children and I wouldn`t like to have more, but I wanted to give you a link to Bulgarian recipies. Perhaps you will find yourself a culinary talent and will learn some typical Bulgarian dishes and when your bride arrives from Bulgaria to the U.S. you will be able to pleasantly surprise her. I wish you success in the agency Velida
I deleted my account because, thanks to your agency I met a very nice person in England and now live together and we are very happy. Thank you very much for what you have done for us and for many other people, you're a great agency!

Iliana Ivanova - ID33601


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Hello all at Velida,
Thanks for you email. I have been lucky enough to meet a lovely Bulgarian Lady who lives in the same town as me in the UK so I will not take you up on your kind offer. I have met and spoken with some really nice Ladies during my time on the site and I have really enjoyed it. I have also recommended your site to some friends who I am sure will contact you if they have not already. Thanks again, you have a really good website.

Mnogokratno veche dokazvate, che ste seriozen ekip i naistina se interesuvate ot dobri rezultati pri vashite klienti. Shte vi zapomnya s dobro, zashtoto ne ste me karali da se chuvstvam kato broika doprinesla za finansovia oborot na agentziata vi. Pojelavam vi uspeh i shte vi reklamiram ustno pri vseki vazmojen sluchai tuk v Plovdiv i kogato patuvam po sveta. Lichnata preporaka e nai-vajna i vie ya zaslujavate. S blagodarnost i uvajenie za lichnoto dobro otnoshenie i neosporim profesionalizam,

Ivanka- Plovdiv, BG

Iskam da vi pozdravia za rabotata ,koito varsite! Blagodarenie na vas sega sam stasliva! Pojelavam Vi mnogo uspehi i da radvate i da pomagate na vsicki Vasi klienti! Vsicko dobro!
Ljudmila ID:4348

Eto me s vas, az Dobrinka.
Mnogo vi blgodaria za vsichko koeto pravite za men. Ne znam dali osaznavate, no chrez vashata agenzia za zapoznanstva vie podariavate na mnogo hora edin nov sviat, po-cveten, po-interesen, po-hubav! I vsichko tova podneseno s mnogo takt, mnogo diskretnost i sardechnost..prekrasno e! Eto zatova vi se vazhishtavam i komplimentite mi sa vinagi iskrenni, zashtoto go zaslujavate. Blagodaria!
Nova Cherna ID: 499

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