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Christmas in Bulgaria

Christmas in Bulgaria is a joyful holyday. Many people and children look forward to this celebration. It's one of the most favorite holidays for children because they get many presents. For adults, mothers, fathers and grandparents this celebration is time to visit their friends and families. The night before Christmas in Bulgaria is called Bandi night. In this night all the family expects the birth of Jesus Christ. Badni night in Bulgaria is celebrated with special traditions. A special tree in Bulgaria called Badnik is placed in the fire to burn all night on Christmas eve. It is intercepted by one man in the family. On the table are placed three kinds of breads. The first one is dedicated for Christmas, the second one for village trade and the third one for Bulgarian Christmas singers, who visits all the families in the town, the village or the city. They are singing for good health and fortune in the family. The table on Badni night should be generous but meals compulsory have to be odd numbered and meatless. The traditions is to cook: boiled corn boiled beans sarmi with rice We put many nuts, honey, fruits, onion, wine, rakia - Bulgarian homemade strong alcohol on the table. To rip bad spirits out of the house and garden, the oldest person in the Bulgarian family has to spread frankincense anywhere. Badni night starts early and nobody can leave the table, only hauseholder can but he should leave stooping. The table is not cleared after the dinner.

The next day is Christmas day. Everybody gets presents from the family or friends. Everything about us is beautiful, colorful and funny. This holyday is one of our favorite because we are with our families.



Marriage in Bulgaria. Documentation and Requirements for Marriage in Bulgaria

Understand the legal requirements for getting married in Bulgaria...

An application to marry is filed at the local Town Hall (община) where one of the marrying parties is resident. This must be done at least 30 days prior to the chosen date for the civil ceremony. Both couples applying need not be present to make the application, however the identity cards of both are required.

The documents for civil marriage, required by both parties, are:

  • Proof of identity
  • Certificates of no Impediment to Marriage (декларация, че не съществуват причини за встъпване в брак) to prove that the person is free to marry
  • Medical certificates (медицински свидетелства), valid for 30 days from the date of their issue. These are issued after a standard pre-marital medical check-up (изследвания за сключване на брак) which includes a blood test and may be done at any clinic in Bulgaria

The following additional documents may be required:

  • If under 18 years of age, a permit from the regional court (разрешение от районния съд)
  • If either party has previously been married, the final divorce decree (бракоразводно решение) or death certificate of the former spouse if widowed

Additional documents may be required depending on the nationality of each of the future spouses:

Foreign citizens may need to make a statement in front of a consul at the Embassy of their country in Bulgaria, confirming that there are no legal impediments for them to marry. The Affidavit contains information such as the foreign citizen’s name, passport number, date and place of birth, as well as information about the future spouse.

Along with the Affidavit, the Embassy may issue the Certificate of No Impediment. However, if the person is not resident in Bulgaria, they should obtain the certificate from their home country.

All documents not in Bulgarian should be translated into Bulgarian by a sworn translator, and authenticated with an apostille by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (some translation and certification/legalisation agencies take care of this process).

Some Embassies require that a Notice of Marriage is made at least three weeks prior to the marriage. Check with the relevant Consulate or Embassy in Bulgaria.

Tourism in Bulgaria

Kosovo village is one of the few villages in Bulgaria, which have conserved their traditional spirit. It is a typical example of the vernacular Rhodopean Renaissance architecture, organically linked to nature. We have tried to restore some of the centuries-old houses in the village, using traditional construction techniques and natural building materials. The houses now combine the authentic architecture with modern comfort.

Amazing Bulgaria
In Kosovo Houses complex you will experience unforgettable moments and the Rhodopean nature, customs and history. If you travel to Bulgaria you will taste the best of the traditional Rhodopean cuisine. We will make sure that there is something for everyone in the village of Kosovo and its surroundings: tracking, trips to natural and cultural monuments, bird-watching, fishing, mineral baths, skiing and why not – artistic inspiration.

Travel to Bulgaria
The typical Bulgarian Renaissance architecture has been conserved in the village of Kosovo. If you travel to Bulgaria there are 63 cultural monuments in the village, five of them of national importance. Two of those buildings – the Church of the Assumption (1851) and the Hadjiyska House (1853), were made by the famous Hadji Georgi Stanchovski, who had also built the most beautiful houses in Old Plovdiv. Other buildings of great interest are the old school (1889), the chapels of St. Peter and St. Nedelya, the water-mill, the forge, as well as most of the old houses in the village. The climate in Kosovo is enjoyable all year round. In winter, there are many sunny days with snow. In summer, the dense oak and pine forests ensure fresh nights. The bird songs are unforgettable in spring, just like the colors of the leaves in autumn.

Bulgarian Property
The Rhodope Mountains
The Rhodopes are the largest mountain system in Bulgaria covering more than 10% of the national territory. Clean rivers make their way through cliffs and valleys. Old forests offer shelter to rare animals like the brown bear, the wolf, the Balkan chamois and the capercaillie. The Rhodopes are home to many different cultures: Tracian, Greek, Roman, Slavic and Bulgarian. Orpheus, the greatest musician and poet of Greek mythology, was born here. The Rhodopeans now have conserved the best of the customs, music and cuisine of all those cultures. Due to its central location the village of Kosovo is the perfect starting point to visit many of the unique natural, historical and cultural sites of the Rhodopes

Summer Bulgaria
Travel to Bulgaria to see:
Bachkovo Monastery, The Fortress of Tzar Asen, Chudnite Mostove natural monument, Persenk Peak (2,091 m), Chervenata Stena natural reserve, The cave near Kosovo, The Kosnikos Fortress (8 th – 10 th century), which has given the name to Kosovo, The old Roman road, connecting Thrace with the Aegean Sea, The mysterious stone inscription near Sitovo, The town of Asenovgrad, Biala Cherkva resort with the St. Peter and Pavel Monastery, Narechenski Bani spa resort, Chepelare ski resort , Pamporovo ski resort

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Travel to Bulgaria


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